It hasn't been the smoothest career for San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito, but give the man credit for bearing down and fighting through it.

Perhaps what has helped Zito through the tough times is the fact that baseball is far from the only thing he's got going for him. Zito is also a very talented musician and a philanthropist, and recently he combined both of those passions in a benefit for his charity, "Strikeouts For Troops."

Last week Zito and singer/songwriter Kelley James performed in Los Angeles at an event called "A Night for the Troops." All the proceeds went to "Strikeouts For Troops."

Before their performance Zito and James went on TV to do some promo work, and it looks like they had a blast. Here's their excellent performance on Good Day LA. Notice how, after the guys are done playing, the anchor mistakes James for Zito:

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James and Zito also played a Manti Te'o-themed song on Adam Carolla's show.