The theme is the same, but these stories never get old. A youngster with cerebral palsy wants to be part of a school sports team, and some good-hearted people do what they can to make the kid's day and create a moment to savor forever.

The latest example came on a wrestling mat in Tennessee with two seventh-graders.

Jared Stevens, the boy with cerebral palsy, was placed on the mat. His opponent, Justin Kievit, reached down to shake his hand. Then after the signal for the match to begin, Justin manuevered himself so that Jared was on top.

The referee slapped the mat to give Jared the win by pin.

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This video by Justin's parents has more than 90,000 Facebook shares as of Tuesday afternoon.

"It's the bigger message," Jared's dad, Phil Stevens, told The Tennessean. "It's about all the people who had to give to make it happen."

Phil also told The Tennessean that although his son is 13, Jared is physically equivalent to a 6-month old, and the paper reports "intellectually, he's very close to his age level. And socially, he hits it out of the park."

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