The Philadelphia Marathon lived up to its town's reputation as the "City of Brotherly Love" this week when it announced that it would open up 3,000 slots for runners who had registered for the ING New York Marathon, which was cancelled last week due to the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy.

The Philadelphia Marathon, set for Nov. 18, is sold out, but race executives decided to open 3,000 spots for runners who were registered to run the New York Marathon.

"We are sympathetic to those who were unable to participate in the NYC Marathon,” Philadelphia Marathon executive director Melanie Johnson said in a statement. "It was a careful decision that took into account many factors such as the capacity of the course to accommodate the increased field of competitors, maintaining the quality of experience, and the turn-around time to secure additional supplies and resources."

Runners who were registered in New York have until 5 p.m. Thursday to sign up for a lottery on the Philadelphia Marathon's website. Out of that pool, 3,000 participants will be randomly chosen to participate in the Philadelphia Marathon.

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