Ray Rice's "miracle" 4th-and-29 conversion against the San Diego Chargers has turned into the Ravens' gift that keeps on giving.

For everyone except the Chargers and their fans, of course.

First and most importantly, Rice's play gave the Ravens a first down that eventually led to a game-tying field goal. Then, Rice provided the world with this incredible quote about the play:

"Check down, Hey Diddle Diddle, Ray Rice up the middle."

And now Rice has created "Hey Diddle Diddle" T-shirts, with the proceeds going to his Ray Rice Foundation. And the t-shirts are selling in Baltimore like hot cakes, er, crab cakes.

The Baltimore Sun reported that hundreds of the t-shirts sold in just a few hours.

"Ray Rice has a lot of pull in this town," John Conigliaro, who owns a shop selling the shirts, told the Sun.

Conigliaro told the Sun that he had sold 700 shirts in less than 24 hours.

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