When Aaron Rodgers expressed disappointment with his profile on 60 Minutes, he said he was upset to see that the program did not mention his work with the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) Fund, a Milwaukee-based charity that funds research of childhood cancers and blood disorders.

While Rodgers has done a lot of work with MACC, most of it was out of the public eye. Now, thanks to a recently released video, we have some idea of just how much time and effort Rodgers puts into the charity.

In the heartwarming clip, cameras shadow Rodgers as he visits a 10-year-old cancer survivor and enormous Green Bay Packers fan, Maggie.

Rodgers spends an afternoon with Maggie, playing dress-up, soccer and keyboard. Towards the end of the video, the two share a precious moment after Rodgers presents Maggie with an "American Girl" doll:

"You're doing a great job," Rodgers says. "You look amazing: you're beautiful, you're a great athlete and you're fun to hang out with."

"Thanks," Maggie says. "You too."

"All those things?" Rodgers asks.


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(H/T to Big Lead Sports)

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