Drivers are generally not pleasantly surprised when they pull up to toll booths. Especially during their morning commute.

But that was the case for drivers in the greater Atlanta area on Wednesday morning, as the Atlanta Hawks picked up the tab for all drivers at northbound and southbound tolls on GA 400.

The toll is only 50 cents, but hey, it's better than nothing.

In addition to paying tolls for two hours, the team handed out schedules, air fresheners and gift cards.

"Our hometown fans were introduced to a team with a lot of new faces this preseason, and now the Atlanta Hawks are ready to get the 2012-13 season underway," said team president Bob Williams.. "As an expression of our gratitude to the Metro Atlanta area and our fans for their support, we will pay all tolls during the morning commute."

It has been somewhat of a tumultuous offseason for the Hawks, with the team trading its biggest star (Joe Johnson) along with a former first-round draft pick (Marvin Williams). The recently hired president of basketball operations Danny Ferry added Lou Williams, Kyle Korver, Devin Harris, Anthony Morrow and John Jenkins.

(H/T to Darren Rovell)

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