The Olympic and Paralympic Games produce global icons at an unmatched rate. Win or lose, athletes can go from unknown to revered in the span of a fortnight, all because of their on-field heroics.

A heartbreaking turn of events during a race at the Paralympic Games in London provides further support for the idea that the heroes aren't always the ones on the medal stand.

During the 100-meter T46 category final, Brazilian sprinter Yohansson Nascimento was at the front of the pack for about four seconds before pulling up lame with an apparent leg injury. Nascimento crumbled to the track while the rest of the competitors raced across the finish line.

Trainers rushed to Nascimento's side, but he shunned them off and insisted on finishing the race by himself. Despite what appeared to be staggering pain, Nascimento hobbled to the finish line, where he immediately collapsed.

Nascimento's heroics evoke memories of a few Olympians who had their events tragically cut short, including Derek Redmond in 1992 and Liu Xiang in 2012.

Before the 100-meter final, it had been a pretty successful Paralympic Games for Nascimento. He had won a gold, silver and even proposed to his fiance.

Here's to a successful recovery for Nascimento.

(H/T to Off The Bench)

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