Lee Eddins is in store for a very special surprise.

The 12-year-old Eddins, who was diagnosed with stage four leukemia earlier this year, may not live long enough to see his hometown Sacramento Kings face off against the Indiana Pacers and his idol, Roy Hibbert, this fall.

So Hibbert is taking matters into his own hands. The 7-footer will be traveling to Sacramento later this week to meet with Eddins.

"Once I heard he had a dying wish, I knew I had to do something more than send him presents and Skype with him on the computer," Hibbert told the Indianapolis Star.

Eddins' condition started with cold-like symptoms but became much worse over the past year. After a blood transfusion Eddins was diagnosed with leukemia, which called for a bone marrow transplant. Eddins had the transplant in June, but the bone marrow didn't take.

As Eddins' family mulled the options, Eddins developed an infection which spread throughout both of his lungs. Doctors determined that chemotherapy would be too brutal on Eddins' immune system, and Eddins was moved into hospice care last week.

"I'm usually uncomfortable going to hospitals when the Pacers do events because it's pretty tough to see kids in that situation," Hibbert said. "Once I heard about (Lee), I realized I had to get over it and do it for him."

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