After a little bit of controversy, the Petaluma Little Leaguers are heading to the Little League World Series.

But the costs add up: plane flights for families, hotel rooms, transportation in and around Williamsport, etc.

So to help the Little Leaguers, the Bay Area's two professional teams are stepping up to the plate. The Oakland A's and the San Francisco Giants, along with Comcast SportsNet, are donating $15,000 to help the Little Leaguers with their expenses.

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The Petaluma team is the first group from Sonoma County to qualify for the Little League World Series and the first from Northern California in 10 years. If the squad does bring home the trophy, it will be the region's first since Brian Wilson and the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 2010.

Hopefully, however, none of the Little Leaguers have facial hair resembling Wilson's.

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