A lot of people were sad to see Jeremy Lin leave the Knicks. In particular, one young fan named Naim was crushed when he heard the news.

Naim became somewhat of an internet sensation when a video of him crying in the wake of Lin's departure garnered tens of thousands of views on YouTube. As it turns out, one of those viewers was Lin himself.

After seeing the video, Lin reached out to Naim and his family and set up a Skype meeting. Naim's family recorded the meeting and posted it on YouTube this week.

Naim is very shy in front of the camera, reacting the same way most other 5-year-olds would when they meet their idols. Still, as Naim's father says in the video, this was the experience of a lifetime for the youngster.

This incredibly kind gesture from Lin turned into an unforgettable moment for the entire family. What a guy.

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