David Beckham is kicking his high jinks with President Obama up a notch. The soccer star was the butt of a few jokes during the LA Galaxy's visit to the White House to celebrate their 2011 MLS title last week. To start, Obama poked fun at Beckham's endorsement of men's undergarments.

"It is a rare man who can be that tough on the field and also have his own line of underwear," Obama said with a smile (via the Daily Mail).

In addition, the President joked about Beckham's age, as most of his Galaxy teammates are much younger than the 37-year-old. "I have to say I gave David a hard time - I said half his teammates could be his kids," the president said. "We're getting old David, although you're holding up better than me."

President Obama also dogged Beckham over his Colonel Sanders-style facial hair, according to the Sun of London.

Beckham isn't angry with the antics, in fact, he's happy for the free skivvies plug. To show his thanks, the soccer star plans to send the Commander-in-Chief a "big box" of his underwear.

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