Tebowing, Bradying and Planking are all fun, but there's a new self-portrait phenomenon in sports that's just plain powerful.


Zach Lederer, an assistant manager of the University of Maryland men's basketball team, is lifting spirits from coast to coast. The 18-year-old is battling a brain tumor for the second time in his life, according to MyFoxDC.com.

Lederer had surgery again on January 25 to remove a cancerous mass, but the Baltimore Sun reports it's what he did with a camera from his hospital bed, while still feeling the effects of anesthesia just minutes after the operation, that has ricocheted around the social media world.

"I said, 'Dad, take a picture of me.' And I did the pose. And my Mom said, 'John don’t take that picture.' And I said, 'Dad, take that picture now,'" Lederer told MyFoxDC.com.

That was the birth of "Zaching," which has inspired famous athletes and celebrities to mimic Lederer's flexing move to show support in his war against cancer.

Some of the more famous people Zaching include Baltimore Ravens receiver Torrey Smith, ESPN's Scott Van Pelt, and Craig Robinson, who plays Darryl Philbin on the hit TV show "The Office."

Despite being dealt a terrible hand in the health department, Zach continues to have an amazingly positive outlook on life.

"I feel great. Physically, I feel 100 percent. Emotionally, I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I keep telling people this really puts everything in perspective," Lederer told CBS Baltimore.

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Maryland coach Mark Turgeron and Lederer told CBS Baltimore they hope to see Broncos star Tim Tebow strike a "Zaching" pose.

The message is getting spread on Twitter: Lederer has picked up over 1,300 followers on his @ZLeds page.

A blog dedicated to cancer patients and survivors around the world "Zaching For Cancer" has been started.

As for his medical prognosis, Lederer will undergo six months of chemotherapy and possibly radiation treatments in his battle against brain cancer.

Maryland Student Zach Lederer Starts a Local Zach-ing Phenomenon: MyFoxDC.com

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