Surely the media has been snowed by the feel-good story that is Jeremy Lin. Churchgoer? Harvard grad? Street baller without the 'tude?


GQ decided to look past all the hype and find out what really took place on the mean streets of Cambridge, Mass. when JLin was enrolled -- allegedly! -- at Harvard.

Prepare to be shocked.

Lin had a girlfriend in college and the relationship ended. Gasp! Turns out, however, they parted on "amicable terms." Oh.

How about this? Lin had a teammate in school who went down with an injury. So the point guard went for the jugular, took his job, and never looked back? GQ reports ... Lin went to the team nutritionist and asked for suggestions on what foods the injured player could eat to recover faster.

And then he spiked the food, right?! Actually no.

Well there is a beer story in here. GQ writer Dennis Tang asks a Lin pal if the phenom has ever had a drink. The response: "I mean ... to say he never has would be ... lying."

There you have it. Wait. What? The friend then goes on to compare Lin to Tim Tebow? And he also bought In-N-Out for a homeless guy?

Fine. But did he get the fries animal style?

Oh forget it. Jeremy Lin's a great guy. Read the rest of the GQ story here.

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