There are benefits aplenty to earning an NFL playoff bye: Rest, an easier path to the Super Bowl and time off to rush a fraternity.


Reigning Super Bowl MVP and heavy MVP favorite Aaron Rodgers, along with fellow Packers quarterback Graham Harrell (playing the part of consummate backup on and off the field), spent their bye week Thursday doing the latter, becoming honorary frat brothers in Tau Kappa Epsilon's Sigma-Xi chapter at St. Norbert College in Depere, Wisconsin.

This, apparently, is what you give the guy who has everything.

Rodgers hoped to become a Teke during his playing days at the University of California, but head coach Jeff Tedford, doing his best Dean Wormer impression, forbade his star quarterback from doing so. A Teke in the Packer organization learned of Rodgers' missed opportunity and facilitated his and Harrell's recruitment.

The evening ceremony was held at Old St. Joseph's Church on St. Norbert's campus with sixty members on hand, after which no goldfish were reported missing and no streaking was reported in the quad.

Tom McAninch, TKE's Director of Communication, notes that college graduates rush one of TKE's 292 national chapters all the time, and that they will discuss with the Big Men Off Campus exactly what their involvement will be when their season ends.

"We consider men who share the values we hold," McAninch says. "These men have a high profile, and how they conduct themselves as men are models we can showcase to members to make them better men. They're good people."

The model they already set includes volunteer work with a charity TKE also supports, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Rodgers is not even the most decorated Teke footballer -- that would be Terry Bradshaw -- and he joins the likes of TKE brothers Phil Simms, Ronald Reagan and Elvis Presley.

Rodgers is single, and though no comment was issued from any of St. Norbert College’s sororities, we can't help but notice spring formals are conspicuously scheduled during the NFL offseason.

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