Two households. Both alike in dignity. In Louisiana, where we lay our scene.

In the world of college football, Matt Catrett and Juliet Clayton are star-crossed lovers. The Catretts are Alabama fans from Mobile, while the Claytons hail from Baton Rouge and bleed purple and gold. Saturday, in Baton Rouge, the two families came together -- not to watch the Game of the Century, but to watch Matt and Juliet get hitched.

"My family has plenty of jokes about me marrying a Bama fan," says Clayton. "We have a friendly rivalry."

The couple met and still lives in New Orleans, and their story has its own Shakespearean twist.

"We met at midnight on Friday, Feb. 13, 2009. She was with two of her friends, and somehow I ended up with both of their numbers and not Juliet's," Catrett says. "I knew I had to find her, which led to me showing up at her fencing practice."

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After sustaining a mild injury from an eight year-old fencer, the modern day Romeo pursued his crush and convinced her to marry him. He had more trouble, however, convincing some of his family members to stay for the entire reception.

After all, didn't these sweethearts know both teams would be undefeated heading into their wedding night?

"I exhaled a huge sigh of relief when I learned the game was scheduled for 7 p.m.," says Clayton, who has been glued to media outlets for the past six weeks. "It was a risk we were willing to take."

However, to keep the natives from getting restless (or fleeing), there were plenty of TVs added to the reception area and the lounge near the dance floor.

The bridesmaids wore silver, but the groomsmen had a touch of crimson on their suits, which Clayton swears was just a coincidence. Sure.

What wasn't a coincidence was the groom's cake. Ambrosia Bakery in Baton Rouge crafted a football field-style confection with frosted yard lines and goalposts. Strawberries were lined up, ready to snap the ball. LSU "players" were decorated in yellow and gold icing, while Bama players wore red and gray.

"It was a surprise for Matt," Clayton says.

What shouldn't have been a surprise for Matt was the outcome of the game. As every husband finds out in marriage, the wife always wins in the end.

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