Dave McGrath wants no part of Mila Kunis. Or Justin Timberlake for that matter.

No, the Bruins fan from Worcester, Mass., is hoping for a date with more famous curves and a more striking hourglass shape.

The Stanley Cup.

But McGrath is not just another Holy Grail groupie. He's doing this for a very good cause. He's skating 24 hours straight starting July 30 to raise money to support cancer patients. His event is called "Skating For Hope," and it's to benefit the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge in Worcester, which is a home away from home for the loved ones of cancer patients.

Take a look:

McGrath's own story is quite moving. He suffered from Crohn's Disease at age 14 and brain cancer at age 18. He survived both with a combination of humor, courage and love. And we'd say he shows a little bit of all three in this video.

If you'd like to learn more about Skating For Hope, or even donate, click here.

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