As unlikely as it sounds, objects falling from the skies could save your life.

Granted, you may not think that getting clocked upside the head with that tiny dimpled sphere sounds like a good time, and in truth, it’s not. But for Chris Logan of West Chester, Pa., a golf ball to the temple actually may have saved his life.

Logan attended the AT&T National at Aronimink Golf Club last July 4, as the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, and was struck by an errant shot by Sean O'Hair.

He was -- by most accounts -- fine, but an examination to check for a concussion also revealed a lump just below his throat. The doctor urged Logan to have it checked out by a family physician, and remarkably, it wound up being a malignant tumor on his thyroid that needed to be removed within weeks.

Almost a year to the day, Logan is cancer free and got a chance to finally meet O’Hair and thank him for saving his life. Neither man knew quite what to say at first, but both were thankful for the experience, no matter how bizarre the circumstances.

Logan, who has spent time caddying, often gets ribbed by friends for getting struck down by a golf ball after countless hours avoiding them on the job.

But the word "fate" obviously holds a little more power than "fore."

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