What's better than owning an Olympic medal?

Winning an Olympic medal made out of bacon, of course.

Shortly after winning the Americans' first gold medal of the Sochi Games, 20-year-old snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg sent out the following tweet:

Kotsenburg also tweeted that one of his first moves upon returning to the United States would be to down some bacon:

Clearly, the young man is a big fan.

And it didn't take long for his wish to become reality. The Pennsylvania meat manufacturer Godshall's, which claims turkey bacon as its flagship product, has made a bacon medal for Kotsenburg.

While the Godshall's creation is turkey bacon, we imagine Kotsenburg will still be pretty "stoked" to hear about it.

"For athletes like Mr. Kotsenburg, [turkey bacon] offers a high protein alternative to pork bacon with all the flavor and is 94 percent fat free,” the company said in a statement. β€œIt is also allergen free, gluten free, and has no MSG."

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