Julia Mancuso is among the favorites to win gold in the women's downhill in Sochi. Mancuso took the silver in Vancouver in 2010, just 0.56 seconds behind Lindsey Vonn, who won't compete this year because of a knee injury.

If Mancuso does win, you can expect her to deflect some of the credit.

"It is not a shock to me when I have a good race,” Mancuso tells GQ. "I started to tell people I'd just worn my lucky underwear."

That response is part humility and part entrepreneurship. Mancuso, 29, doesn't just wear Kiss My Tiara brand underwear -- she founded the company. In 2010, she had to suspend sales during the Olympics to comply with IOC regulations.

Mancuso won a gold medal in the giant slalom at the 2006 Olympics in Turin. Four years later in Vancouver, she earned two silvers, with the second coming in the super combined event.

Check out more of Mancuso's interview and photo shoot on GQ.com.

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