The Olympic village has been known as a hot spot for athlete hookups, and now it's become easier than ever.

Jamie Anderson, the gold medal-winning snowboarder, told US Weekly that the dating app Tinder is extremely popular among Olympians.

"Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level," Anderson said. "It's all athletes! In the mountain village it's all athletes. It's hilarious. There are some cuties on there."

Ryan Lochte once estimated that 70 to 75 percent of Olympians were having sex in the Olympic village. While we'll never know if that's accurate, we can only imagine how that number increases now that athletes can find a match on their phone in the comforts of their room.

That is, unless other athletes have followed in Anderson's lead and turned off Tinder to focus on their competitions.

"There was a point where I had to be like OK, this is way too distracting," Anderson said. "I deleted my account to focus on the Olympics."