One tricky part for athletes preparing for the Winter Olympics is that it comes shortly after the holidays when it is tempting to gorge on big dinners and sweet treats.

It takes discipline and planning to avoid being derailed from their fitness and nutrition goals. But sometimes a quick break from the usual routine can have its benefits, even for someone describes herself as a "nut" about eating healthy.

"Well, I'm a pretty big believer that sometimes when it comes to food, as far as the negative affects of eating badly for a day or two, I think the positive mental affects outweigh the negative healthy affects," Lyndsey Fry told USA of her Thanksgiving.

But even during the splurge, Fry made smart decisions, such as opting for pumpkin pie with healthier ingredients.

"I baked it myself, and instead of crust I used low fat gram crackers on top," she said.

After two days, Fry said she went right back to tracking her calorie intake, which is about 2,400 daily.

"I could probably eat more and be fine, but I am still trying to very slowly lean out,” she said. "It's been a long process over the years. I probably eat less than some of my teammates, but not to the point where I'm under eating."

Fry, a 21-year-old winger from Arizona, will be making her Olympics debut for Team USA in Sochi. Another first-time Olympian is Brianna Decker of Wisconsin.

While training for the Olympics, she told Cosmopolitan that "for dinner I like chicken with asparagus or any type of green vegetable. Sometimes a baked potato."

But after the Olympics, she said, "The meal I’m most looking forward to is a home-cooked meal from my mom. I really like her enchiladas or her shrimp jambalaya."