No matter how many times you've looked in the mirror, you've never seen your face like this.

An art installation debuting during the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi will display 3D projections of the faces of visitors. The project, designed by London architect Asif Khan, allows visitors to scan a photo of their face which will then be created by 10,000 actuators on an enormous panel nicknamed "Megaface." Think of it as a humongous Pin Art display.

The faces will be about 500 square feet and will display for 20 seconds each.

"Even in the digital age we still use emoticons when texting to show how we feel," Khan said, via the Daily Mail. "The concept is that the human face is still the strongest way of conveying emotion."

Here's a video preview of what the installation may look like on a smaller scale.

The Kinetic Facade of the MegaFaces Pavilion: Initial Batch Test from iart on Vimeo.

(H/T to Business Insider)