Bruce Lee is considered by many to be the founding father of MMA, so it is fitting that he is included as a character in the latest UFC video game from EA Sports.

Lee died in 1973, but he is still revered in fight circles and cited as an inspiration because of his unique approach to martial arts and training. His spirit continues to resonate as companies feel it is effective to use footage from his movies in commercials.

His addition to the UFC game is another example of his iconic status.

"I think it's great that my father is returning to video games with the EA UFC game," Shannon Lee, CEO of Bruce Lee Enterprises, told ThePostGame. "It's a fun opportunity for people to fulfill a fight fantasy by playing Bruce Lee in a new way. EA and the UFC were great to work with and I think people will have a blast playing the game."

UFC 15 with Bruce Lee will be released June 17. Here is a look at how the project came together.

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Within the past few days, EA Sports, the titan of sports video games, has released its long anticipated trailers for several titles. You can now see the Madden 15, NHL 15, FIFA 15, UFC 15 and PGA Tour 15 gameplay videos, and each looks pretty remarkable. For the first time, some of these titles will be available on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms, which were released in November. Each sports title will also be available on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 titles.

Madden 15

The Madden 15 trailer features Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly stating that he failed before, but he won’t fail again. Individually, he probably won't. But the Panthers offense is one injury away from turning into an offense equivalent to a 4A Texas high school team.

The trailer itself looks pretty standard as far as Madden goes. Madden's gameplay has always been pretty solid with the times, but the rumor with Madden 15 is a revamped style of defensive play. This is much needed, as no one in the world can play solid defense on Madden. The idea is to give a better camera angle on the defensive side of the ball, as well as a tackling system that allows you to precisely choose where to hit the ball carrier.

The Madden Cover will feature the NFL's bad boy cornerback Richard Sherman. Sherman beat Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in the vote for the right to the Madden Cover Curse. Oh yeah, the Madden Curse. Is Sherman worried about that?

“I don’t believe in curses,” Sherman said. “I believe in God.”

Sherman, who was the lowest rated cornerback in Madden 12, will be the highest rated player in the game. Would Sherman seriously agree to be on the cover if he wasn’t?

NHL 15

The NHL 15 trailer puts an emphasis on the arenas, something that was greatly lacking in the earlier versions of the hockey game. The crowd also appears to be more realistic, instead of the standard two dimensional, delusional arm waving maniacs of the past.

The other obvious difference is the exuberant commentary of Doc Emrick and Eddie Olczyk. Their addition, possible through the new NBC Sports/EA Sports partnership, will allow gamers to truly feel like they are playing a Sunday matinee. EA also says that intro packages will have more features on the city and teams, giving it a truly life-like feel.

The trailer also hints at more unique goal celebrations. It appears that you can celebrate with teammates after a goal, instead of diving head first into the boards in celebrations of the past.

EA Sports also states that it has added 12 player collision physics to the game, including secondary collisions and player pileups. The puck physics have improved as well, which hopefully means the puck won't bounce around like a super ball when it is dumped and chased into the corner.

The cover vote will be announced during the NHL awards on June 24. EA Sports allowed fans to vote, which resulted in a massive twitter spam of fans’ favorite players. P.K. Subban and Patrice Bergeron were among the finalists.

NHL 15 will be available Sept.15


The FIFA 15 crew decided to go a little more artsy in its trailer. The soccer game is among EA Sports' most popular titles. Much like NHL 15, the emphasis seems to be put on the crowds. EA Sports has made an effort to give each teams crowd more individuality, including real-life celebrations that certain fan bases would have.

Other changes include wear and tear on the field and improvements to FIFA's tackling. The ball is also rumored to be more unpredictable for shots, meaning if a player is unbalanced when he fires one off, it could curve in a much more realistic direction.

One of the noticeable features within the trailer is player interaction with one another. EA Sports took into considerations personalities. If a player is more aggressive or has a temper, a confrontation is a possibility.

Other changes have been made to FIFA’s AI, allowing the computer to change it’s tactics more intelligently depending on the game situation.

FIFA 15 will be released September 23.

UFC 15

You can now kick other UFC fighters' asses with super fighter Bruce Lee.

That's obviously the main focal point within UFC 15. Of all the EA Sports games, this series could use the most improvement. It's not really all that realistic. You don't really feel like a fight is as intense as a real life fight. And it appears EA is making an effort to improve the quality of the game.

One of the main features that will improve the game is what EA is calling “Full Body Deformation.” That’s not as gross as it sounds. What it means is that if you take Bruce Lee, and punch Anthony Pettis in the jaw, his face will jiggle and shift, just like a real life punch. You will also be able to see the fighters get visibly more exhausted, as it takes a lot out of you to throw a physically fit fighter all around the octagon. Veins will pop and skin will become discolored.

The submissions will be greatly improved, and there is an improvement on the injuries a fighter can obtain during a fight. There is a wide variety of cuts and bruises that can appear to wear your fighter down. Dynamic striking has improved, allowing players to throw crazy moves to knock out their opponent. But, be careful, as EA also made the AI smarter. The computer will know exactly when to tone it back and pour it on.

UFC 15 will be released June 17.

PGA Tour 15

Not much information is available for the PGA Tour 15 game. Except for the fact that battleships in a war-torn country can randomly slam into your course.

EA and Tiger Woods parted ways, allowing the company to apparently run wild with its imagination. The title will have fantasy courses, which are apparently pretty crazy. You can also see in the trailer that realistic deer and alligators appear on the courses. Considering how bad my golfing game is, I can envision my ball getting eaten by an alligator numerous times throughout this game.

PGA Tour 15 will also be the first game to feature the Frostbite 3 engine. This will allow players to run straight through the course without the game loading between holes. The engine will also allow for more realistic courses and gameplay.

PGA Tour 15 will be released in spring 2015.

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Short of being at the actual World Cup, the best way to watch the upcoming tournament may be on a $1.7 million TV that is the size of a soccer goal and shows the players at life size.

British company Titan has released the appropriately named "Zeus," which at around 26 feet by 16 feet is the world's largest television. Zeus towers over the previous world record holder, a $1 million Panasonic television which measures more than 12 feet wide.

Zeus employs 4K, which is the equivalent of four times the sharpness of HD.

According to the Daily Mail, Zeus can be controlled with gestures, allowing users to change the channel with a wink. The screen, which adjusts its brightness depending on a room's light, can even be used to watch 20 channels at one time.

"Following the interest in the launch range of our ultra-high end 173 inch (14.4 foot) domestic screens we decided to create something iconic," Titan CEO Anthony Ganjou said. "And the team spent six months building the million pound screen."

Only four of these televisions have been made, with two already sold. One of the TVs is thought to have been sold to a British millionaire who placed it at the bottom of a swimming pool.

Le Grand Hotel in Cannes, France, has one mounted on top of its building:

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Nestled in Silicon Valley, a 27,000-square-foot green roof with 40 different species of local vegetation will rest atop the west side of the 49ers' new home, one of the most technologically sophisticated stadiums ever built.

The living roof will serve as the most recognizable feature of Levi's Stadium, which combines ecology and cutting-edge technology in a revolutionary way while embracing the Northern California culture.

"This really is the next generation of stadiums," said Scott Capstack, senior project designer at HNTB, the architecture firm that designed Levi's Stadium. "(The 49ers) want this to be the most connected stadium in the world."

Bolstered by some of the brightest minds from Facebook and other Bay Area tech companies, Levi's will offer free Wi-Fi, which allows all 60,000-plus fans to simultaneously connect. Its Wi-Fi infrastructure is designed to be 30 times faster than any other stadium.

"What we're building is the physical manifestation of Silicon Valley," 49ers president Paraag Marathe said.

This state-of-the-art stadium, however, is going in a bit of a different direction than the Cowboys' AT&T Stadium, the last NFL stadium to generate this kind of attention when it opened.

Called Cowboys Stadium when it opened in 2009, it featured four video screens, measuring 160 feet by 72 feet and 53 by 30.

Although Levi's Stadium will have 13,000 square feet of video boards, in many ways the concept behind the 49ers' new home is opposite to AT&T Stadium. While JerryWorld is mammoth and enclosed, Levi's Stadium has a relaxed feeling with two 18,000-square-foot open plazas at the main entrances and just one upper deck.

"It's almost like football is inviting you in," Marathe said.

The inviting, open and eco-friendly feel is supposed to reflect the Bay Area -- almost like an airy San Francisco loft.

Instead of most concrete-laden versions that more resemble an airport terminal, from wherever you are in the Levi's Stadium main concourse, you will be able to see the field or the rolling hills in the distance.

Even the stadium's name is appropriate for the region.

CEO Jed York spurned more lucrative offers -- including two from major tech companies -- so that his arena would have a moniker befitting the 49ers nickname. Founded in San Francisco in 1853, Levi's originally sold durable work pants to gold miners.

"There's a direct connection between the company and the team's name," said Marc Ganis, president of SportsCorps Limited, a leading sports business consulting firm. "A historical connection."

Levi's Stadium also hearkens back further in the past because of its open-air design with raised seating.

"We even have used the analogy that the building's very similar to a Roman amphitheater," Capstack said. "It goes back to those very historical precedents."

Though it has some ancient principles, the cutting-edge project began in 2006.

Ribbon cutting for the $1.2 billion stadium is slated to take place July 17, and its debut will be August 2 when the San Jose Earthquakes host the Seattle Sounders FC in a soccer match.


With Wi-Fi so readily available at other large public areas -- airports, hotels, stores, etc. -- one would think enabling connectivity at a stadium would not be so difficult.

However, the amount of concrete and steel at arenas is problematic. (Think how your cell phone signal suffers when surrounded by skyscrapers, and Wi-Fi has an even weaker signal.) With a stadium having such a dense concentration of those materials, Wi-Fi signals struggle to penetrate it.

"It's an enormously challenging task to get that to 60 or 70,000 devices concurrently," Ganis said.

The heavy congestion of people, along with variable weather, further complicates the problem.

To address the connectivity issue, you not only need many antennas, but you also must have them evenly distributed.

That's easy to do in concourses and corridors but becomes tougher in the stands where antennas would obstruct sightlines, and there is less space to do so in the middle of a seating bowl.

To work on the technological backbone for Levi's Stadium, the 49ers have about 30 engineers and developers, and several have come from places like Brocade, Google, Yahoo! and Facebook.

Former 49ers chief technology officer Kunal Malik founded the IT department at Facebook. Vice president of technology Dan Williams, a former 49ers season-ticket holder, also hails from there.

"(Levi's Stadium) is kind of a beacon," Marathe said. "It's attracting a lot of Silicon Valley talent who want to be part of something special."

The 49ers declined to make Malik or Williams available for interview or specifically reveal how they have set up their network, so they could keep their trade secrets in house.

But it has been speculated that they will have hundreds of overlapping and hidden wireless access points distributed evenly around the fans.

"We've created a pretty novel spider web of access points," Marathe said. "Everybody that comes here is going to very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Wi-Fi."

That Wi-Fi infrastructure will not only allow fans to check their fantasy football stats and post on social media, but also help drive the free Levi's Stadium app that is the main cog behind the new fan experience initiatives.

The app's features include:

  • From any seat in the stadium -- not just those in club or high-priced seating -- you will be able to order food, beverages or merchandise, and runners will deliver the items. It is the first stadium to have that kind of all-encompassing service.
  • Mere seconds after the play, you can watch high-definition replays, including those from multiple camera angles and in slow motion or regular time.
  • The way-finding mechanism allows you to pin your car, so that you can find the fastest way to reach your seat or your friends, the closest concession stand and the bathroom with the shortest wait. The latter is denoted by a red, green and yellow lighted system.
  • You can quickly buy tickets, exchange tickets, buy parking passes or transfer parking passes.


Just like the pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium or the hole in the roof at the old Texas Stadium, the green roof atop the suite tower will serve as Levi's Stadium's distinguishing feature.

"Every aerial shot will kind of showcase that," Marathe said.

Inspired by discovery museums, that living roof not only adds aestheticism but also has an ecological function, which provides insulation, limits water run-off and reduces the heat footprint.

The 49ers also tout the 20,000 square feet of solar panels in and around the stadium. Over the entire year, energy collected from those panels will be slightly greater than what is used during all 10 home contests.

"If all we had was 49ers gamedays and nothing else in the stadium," Marathe said, "we are completely powered by the sun."

The turf is environmentally friendly as well. Staff will use recycled water to irrigate the field, and the Bermuda Bandera grass surface requires 50 percent less water than the average football field.

As a result of these measures, Levi's Stadium is on track to become the first NFL stadium to open with a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) gold rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The accreditation process, which is awarded via a tier level-like medal program, is based on a checklist of items, including carbon footprint reduction, material choices, solar power, recycling programs and accessibility to public transportation.

"(It) is a huge milestone," Capstack said.


Asked if the Oakland Raiders, who play in the dilapidated Coliseum and are seemingly always looking for a new stadium, will ever play at Levi's -- similar to how the Jets and Giants share MetLife Stadium -- Marathe answered facetiously.

"Uh … let's see … in 2018, I believe we host the AFC West teams, so the Raiders will be coming," he said.

Though the Raiders may never use Levi's Stadium as their full-time home, downtown Oakland -- a little more than 40 miles away from the Santa Clara-based 49ers stadium -- is equidistant if not closer to Levi's than the financial district or heart of San Francisco proper.

Levi's Santa Clara location puts the 49ers farther from their own city than every other NFL stadium is from theirs (although the team's headquarters and practice facility has been in Santa Clara since the late 80s).

For more than a decade, the 49ers tried for a stadium in San Francisco, but the local political scene, which is notoriously unwelcoming to even traditional real estate, would not acquiesce.

Marathe, though, said Levi's distance from San Francisco should not be an issue, stating that the 49ers have a significant number of their ticket holders residing along the peninsula, the East Bay, the South Bay and in Gilroy.

"One thing that's a little bit of a misnomer is that we're moving farther away from our season-ticket holders," Marathe said. "In many ways we're actually moving closer."

He also points out that the VTA light rail, ACE and Amtrak train opportunities and accessibly to the 237, 101 and 280 freeways may make for an easier and shorter commute than the 49ers' previous home, Candlestick Park, which had limited routes to and from the stadium.

But the NFL will not play non-holiday weeknight games in Levi's Stadium in 2014 because the team and local authorities want a year to figure out how to handle weeknight traffic flow into the stadium.

Once fans arrive there, Levi's has 24,000 parking spaces or about 6,000 more spaces than Candlestick had, according to Marathe.

However, Deborah Bress, spokeswoman for Santa Clara Plays Fair, a watchdog group for the 140,000-person city, vehemently disputes that and said that parking will become a major issue because Levi's Stadium is relying on spaces occupied by the nearby amusement park, which could have its own festivities going on.

"There is zero -- and I mean zero -- dedicated parking. They are 100 percent dependent on Great America," Bress said. "Tailgating's definitely in jeopardy."


Levi's Stadium will have 68,500 seats, though it can expand to 75,000 for special events.

The C-shaped stadium has just one upper deck, which are all sideline seats and opposite the suite tower, while two-thirds of the seats are in the lower bowl.

"There's really no bad seat in the house," Marathe said.

The 8,500 club seats cost about $250-300 per game. Each of the nine sections will have a different Bay Area theme. One will emphasize wine like Napa Valley; another has frosted glass to create a pattern reminiscent of San Francisco's famed fog.

"Each of the clubs themselves," Capstack said, "are unique and take cues from the surrounding region."

The 165 luxury boxes will feature tablets embedded in the wall for patrons to use, while team personnel for the 49ers, one of the more statistically-oriented NFL teams, will have a data analytics suite.

In and around the stadium, fans can scroll their phone over any piece of art, photo or icon to learn more about it, purchase a print or have it delivered to their home.

Despite the stadium's gadgetry and nice sightlines, ultimately the satisfaction of the 49ers fan base will be determined by how their team performs at this new stadium.

"The football game is still the hero," Marathe said. "The football game is still what people come to see."

Candlestick had been good to the 49ers, who won five Super Bowls while playing there from 1971-2013. The 49ers also have been to three straight NFC championship games with that as their home.

If the franchise continues to foster a winning atmosphere, perhaps it can reach Super Bowl L when Levi's Stadium hosts the ultimate game in 2016.

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I don't want to be part of the first generation to hand down a degraded quality of life to our children. The relentless surge of climatic change threatens life as we know it. Polar ice caps and glaciers keep melting at an alarming rate, flooding the oceans. How many aberrational weather disasters will it take for people to wake up and see the threat?

Plants and animals are reacting in ways which threaten both our food and oxygen supplies. Wars for water and scarcity of resources loom in the future. The Earth is not able to sustain the billions of people now living, and population will continue to increase exponentially. The Earth itself is not threatened; it is our species -- humans -- which may be one of the many forms of life that does not survive in the planet's billions of years of history.

Are these words too alarmist and overly dramatic? Objective scientists don't believe so. The immense popularity and messaging ability inherent in sports can help lead the way in slowing down and reversing these trends. We have aggregated a set of sustainable technologies in the fields of water, wind, surfacing, recycling and solar which can be integrated into high school, collegiate and professional stadia, arenas and practice fields. Golf courses can also benefit. The combination of all these venues creates a substantial amount of real estate.

Athletic facilities with these features can actually produce so much energy that they are able to sell their excess back to the grid. The goal of Sporting Green Alliance is to drop carbons and energy costs and to turn these venues into educational platforms. Hundreds of millions of fans can see a waterless urinal or a solar panel and think about how to install these practices into their own homes and businesses. Green naming rights and sponsorships can be created. Environmental content -- athletic superheroes fighting for the environment on Saturday morning cartoon shows, comic books, PSA's and pamphlets -- can be created. Sports can and should be a leader in attitudinal change toward the environment.

This movement is under way. The NFL's director of environmental programs, Jack Groh, has pushed for carbon neutral Super Bowls. The Green Sports Alliance has facilitated numerous breakthrough consciousness raising projects. Jeffrey Lurie, owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, led the way in greening up his stadium and franchise. Many collegiate and pro stadiums and arenas already include energy conserving features.

I held a Super Bowl Party in the Scottsdale Botanical Gardens, which started with a green carpet and had every energy saving and recycling feature labelled. Then Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and I released an endangered hawk into the wild.

Most people don't react well to being lectured and hectored. Sports has a vital role to play in delivering a softer, more powerful message. This is our responsibility and our watch. The time for action is now.

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