Like many presidents before him, Barack Obama is an avid golfer. He plays on vacation in Hawaii and he plays in the Washington D.C. area with other politicians.

It is also no secret Obama is a perfectionist.

Put these two things together and it only figures that Obama would be using Game Golf, a technological system that allows users to track the distance and other aspects of their golf swing. Users simply place a button at the butt of the club, which is synched with a matching button designed to be worn on a belt. After the round, users can review the ins and outs of their swings on a computer.

Photos from POTUS' recent trip to Martha's Vineyard appear to show Obama outfitted with this contraption.

During a round on Aug. 9 with former NFL star Ahmad Rashad and Cyrus Walker, cousin of White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, the belt piece can be seen in a picture of Obama on the green:

The club piece appears to be on the butt of Obama's putter during an Aug. 10 round:

And then on a wood on Aug. 12:

From Business Insider, this is an example of what the left-handed president may see when he puts the Game Golf technology into the computer:

Before anyone gets too excited, it is important to note, Obama does not appear to wear the belt piece during the second and third round of his vacation. He could have decided to stop using Game Golf, which has raised over $280,000 on its Indiegogo page, after one round. Or the belt piece could be hiding in his bag, and he thought it was uncomfortable to have on his belt.

Obama is noted as a competitive athlete when he steps on a golf course or basketball court. There are certain people Obama wants to get a leg up on, such as this guy he played golf with in 2011:

It's no secret that Tinder, the mobile dating app, is quite popular among pro athletes.

So perhaps it should be no surprise that a bunch of New York Jets are using Tinder. According to the Wall Street Journal, at least 11 Jets players had active profiles as of late July.

A Tinder user in the upstate New York town of Cortland might have a hard time recognizing the Jets, however, as a few of them make no mention of the fact that they're professional football players.

Right tackle Breno Giacomini, who won the Super Bowl last season as a member of the Seattle Seahawks, presumably would have an easy time finding a date. But according to Stu Woo and Anna Russell of the Journal, he initially tells women he's a construction worker. The idea is to make sure his matches are interested in him, not his fame and fortune.

"When I do find somebody, I want it to be real," Giacomini said.

Giacomini actually does some construction -- when he returns home in the offseason he helps his father with projects. But it doesn't take women long to see that the 6-foot-7, 318-pound Giacomini might have another job.

"After a while, it's, 'Hey, how come this guy wants to take a picture with you?'" he said of the response when he meets a woman in person. "And it's like, 'Well, they think I play football or something.'"

Many of Giacomini's teammates, however, don't bother hiding their job. In fact, first-round Calvin Pryor's photos showed him celebrating at the NFL draft.

Surely the Jets aren't the only professional athletes who are using Twitter, but the reveal that Rex Ryan's players are using the dating app has prompted some funny, if predictable, jokes:

Perhaps the most intriguing part of Kevin Durant's withdrawal from Team USA is his current marketing activity. On the same day he packed his bags and left his fellow Americans without the reigning NBA MVP for the FIBA World Cup, rumors swirled about the possibility of his signing with Under Armour for $325 million.

Meanwhile, a few hours before Durant left Team USA, he unveiled a new NBA 2K15 teaser on his Instagram page. Durant is the cover athlete for the video game from Visual Concepts and 2K Sports, which debuts Oct. 7.

The caption from Durant (@easymoneysniper) reads: "First look at #NBA2K15 for PS4 coming 10/7. #YourTimeHasCome"

The video features Durant in Chesapeake Energy Arena crossing up and dunking over Andre Iguodala, his 2012 Olympics teammate. Other details include Durant's Nike KD7's (which, of course, will be outdated if he signs with Under Armour), a cutout of a Durant head in the crowd and some extra sweat. This can be explained by 2K expert "Ronnie."

Durant also served as a cover player on NBA 2K13, along with Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin. Now that Durant has left Team USA, the next time anyone may see him on a basketball court will come after his virtual likeness makes an appearance in NBA 2K15.

America's best college football conference is going galactic.

Larry Wilmore, a former linebacker at Tennessee Tech who is now an astronaut, will travel to the International Space Station with two Russian cosmonauts Sept. 25. And according to the Tennessean, Wilmore had NASA arrange for the SEC Network to be available in space.

"I don't watch a lot of sports -- my wife might not agree with that -- but I do like to watch football, the SEC Game of the Week, and I try to catch Tech every chance I get," Wilmore said.

Wilmore, 51, had a standout career at Tennessee Tech. He recorded 143 tackles as a senior, the third-best single-season mark in the school's history. An astounding 21 of those tackles came against Austin Peay, which is the second highest single-game total. He was inducted into the Tennessee Tech Sports Hall of Fame in 2003.

The SEC Network, which is operated by ESPN, is set to launch August 14. ESPN is reportedly close but has not yet reached deals with DirecTV, Charter Communications or Verizon FiOS. So at this point the SEC Network is set to be available at the International Space Station but not in many parts of Alabama.

Wilmore and his crew will return to Earth in March 2015.

Logan Paul is a self-made man. Well, actually self-made teenager.

He may only be 19, but Paul has built himself into a social media celebrity. When Vine debuted in 2013, Paul took an interest in the app. His Vine career started as a hobby, but it soon propelled him into the public image.

"Some of my original Vines took off," Paul says. "Those are the big kick-starters in the Vine world. I did the splits. Silly stuff like that. Physical comedy."

Paul's following took off. Today he has approximately 4.5 million Vine followers, 550K Snapchat friends, 454K Instagram followers, 164K Twitter followers, 171K YouTube subscribers and 40K Facebook likes.

For obvious reasons, Paul is surprised by his fame, but humble about it. Paul, who was a star wrestler and football player in high school in northeast Ohio, attributes his luck and skill to posting funny content that is consistent.

This summer, the Vine superstar is launching a campaign with Hanes. While wearing new Hanes X-Temp products such as underwear, T-shirts and socks, Paul will accept dares from his fans. Logan will perform the challenges in Vines with the hope he remains cool, dry and comfortable in Hanes X-Temp.

"I'm expecting crazy," he says. "Bring it on guys. Tweet me your craziest stuff."

Followers need to tweet dares with the hashtag #xtempstresstest @LoganPaul to make sure Paul gets his eyes on the text. He will continuously update his fans on his location and themes of his Vines. However, no one should be discouraged if they blink.

"Even if you don't know what the events are and don't know what's going on, tweet me a dare and maybe we'll fit it into the scenario because I want all the dares we can get," Paul says.

The campaign started one week ago in New Orleans at the Running of the Bulls. Unlike Pamplona, Spain, this festival does not involve real bulls. Instead, Paul dealt with people and objects. On Vine, he was dared to ole bulls.

"I dressed up in a matador costume, full on, and think I pulled it off pretty well," he says. "I oled a bull, I oled an Elvis, I oled a car and then I tried to ole a trash can, and got hit in the head with the trash can, hence the name of the Vine, "The World's Worst Matador."

The Vine can also be found at

Michael Jordan released a Hanes X-Temp commercial Wednesday in conjunction with his 25-year anniversary as a spokesman for the brand. Paul joked with ThePostGame that he and Jordan are "on the same level," but made sure to confirm such conversation was jocular. MJ started advertising for Hanes before Paul was even born.

"It's very cool working with the same brand as Michael Jordan. It goes deeper than that," he says. "I've been wearing Hanes since I was just a little young Logan. And now that this platform that is a mobile application on an iPhone has allowed me to work with them? It's amazing."

A few years ago, Paul would have never been able to even fantasize about his career. Technology has given Paul an outlet to show off his adventurous and daring (quite literally) personality to the world. The Vine application was his dream recipe.

Paul's Vine experiences have spurred an acting career. Three weeks ago, Paul and his brother, Jake, moved on to Los Angeles to pursue film/TV aspirations. Paul attributes the little application on his phone for giving him an image.

"Vine gave me the outlet -- networks, feature film companies -- they go wow, this kid's kind of funny," he says. "There are eyeballs on me. Now, I'm going in for interviews because of this and getting really cool opportunities just because of this app. It makes it a lot easier to go into an interview and have people [say,] 'Oh, I know who you are. My son watches you.' And then we do the interview. It's a really cool head start."

Paul has no plans to halt his Vine-making. In fact, his tour with Hanes should only reignite his Vine flame and develop a greater number of followers. It may very well be his most exciting opportunity to connect with fans.

With that success comes the ability to dabble in other fields. That is where film/TV comes in. Paul may have a chance to expand his reach, along with Jake.

"Social media's great, but we want to go big," Paul says. "We want to be some of the biggest entertainers on the planet."

At heart, he is still just a kid taping a few videos. Paul wants to keep living in the moment.

Even if that moment is actually a six-second video with a few seconds cut out here and there.

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