You're departing your house or office, and a machine beeps to prevent you from leaving if you forgot your wallet, keys, iPhone, iPad, sunglasses or jacket? Sound cool?

That day may not be far away, which is great for distracted people like me who have the ability to forget the bread in a PB&J sammy.

While it's not quite ready to tell us if we've lost our minds, at Park City Mountain Resort and some others, a technology reasonably new to ski resorts called Radio Frequency Identification is able to decipher if you have your lift ticket anywhere on your body. In any pocket. Zipped and tucked away. Those pesky triangular pins and adhesive tickets can go stick themselves.

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"Don't forget to scan Arian Foster's hair before halftime."

That phrase was probably not uttered in any Houston-area homes when the star running back unveiled the Texans logo designed into his head during the AFC playoffs. But just wait.

The Bromley soccer team of the English Southern Conference recently partnered with Betfair -- the world's largest Internet betting exchange -- to shave Quick Response codes (a.k.a. "QR Cuts") into the back of every team member's noggin (see below left). When scanned with a smartphone, the QR barcode sent spectators directly to Betfair's web site, giving them a chance to put some money on the game.

The players revealed their new 'dos ahead of their first-round clash with Leyton Orient late last year. Each intricate style took more than an hour to create.

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Piers Morgan freely admits his first year as Larry King's heir apparent could have gone better but there is another endeavor in which the controversial talk-show host is having supreme success.

The 46-year-old Brit, who hosts Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, has spent much of the past year wasting no opportunity to poke fun and taunt the players of Manchester United on Twitter with the stated intention of getting under their skin.

Morgan is a huge fan of United's English Premier League rival Arsenal, and regularly takes great delight in teasing players such as Wayne Rooney, whom he calls "Shrek" and often-injured Rio Ferdinand ("Sicknote"), regularly sparking angry responses.

With United's season lurching from one mini-crisis to another and the club in danger of losing its grip on the English Premier League title, Morgan’s Tweeting has gone into overdrive.

While Morgan also exchanges Tweet messages with the England cricket team, as well as former heavyweight boxing champions Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis, the United squad is by far his favorite target.

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Tim Tebow didn't need help in amassing 1.4 million Facebook subscribers and close to one million Twitter followers. The numbers mushroomed as an outcrop of his staggering status as a cultural phenomenon. No surprise there.

Eddie Royal, one of Tebow's receivers on the Denver Broncos, did enlist the assistance of a social media coach, a former agent named Jeff Weiner, and in some ways his interaction on Facebook and Twitter has surpassed that of his wildly popular quarterback.

More than 237,000 fans "liked" Tebow's most recent post, the day after his touchdown pass in overtime beat the Steelers last Sunday. It read like most of his infrequent missives, praising the Lord and thanking his teammates and Broncos fans.

At first glance, Royal's numbers are modest in comparison. He is closing in on 100,000 "likes" and has surpassed 50,000 Twitter followers. But by constantly posting video clips shot from his iPhone, some from the Broncos locker room, his social media status is growing faster than that of Tebow. This week through Twitter, Royal gave away two tickets to Denver's playoff game at New England on Saturday along with airfare and a hotel room. He'll also meet with the winner, who Royal said was selected randomly.

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Like clockwork, during the first few weeks of football practice every year, a handful of high school students succumb to heat-related deaths. But now researchers believe they are close to finding a silver bullet that could put an end to these tragedies.

An experimental therapy known as AICAR has been shown to protect animals genetically predisposed to heat stroke and may hold promise for treatment of people with susceptibility to heat-induced sudden death, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Medicine.

AICAR at one time was labeled the "couch potato pill" for its ability to mimic the results of exercise in motionless mice.

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Apple could be set to rush soccer broadcasting into a new era with a revolutionary, multi-billion dollar bid for television rights to the English Premier League.

And it could have implications far beyond soccer.

The technology giant is interested in acquiring exclusive rights to screen EPL games in England when the next package (for the 2013-2016 seasons) is tendered. The Cupertino, Calif., company is set to wade into a bidding war with established television heavyweights such as Rupert Murdoch-owned Sky Sports, ESPN and Al Jazeera.

Using its platform of Apple TV, a small box costing less than $100 that allows users to stream internet content on their television screens, the company already showcases properties from Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association. But this is different.

By going for full English television rights to the EPL, one of the most lucrative sports products in the world, Apple could be signaling the start of an assault on cable's turf.

Apple's interest was first revealed by Charles Sale of London's Daily Mail newspaper and was confirmed to ThePostGame by Apple sources on Thursday. The company is still in the early stage of formulating its bidding plans, but is keen to expand its sports packages and it sees soccer as a valuable way to gain a stronger footing in the British market.

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