It's every football parent's worst nightmare: a child is injured on the field.

But now moms and dads can rest a little easier knowing that a new device is available that works as a concussion warning system. A company in Omaha, Neb. has come up with the "Impact Indicator," a specially designed chinstrap that has a computer microchip which measures hits to the head. reports one concussion is not normally a problem, but a second concussion from a an additional injury after going back into a game can cause increased brain swelling, permanent damage and possible death within minutes, according to the American Council on Exercise.

Cale Furstenberg of Omaha, who suffered eight concussions growing up, purchased the instrument for his 10-year-old son, Ben.

The chinstrap works similarly to a stoplight: It flips from green to red if the football player has suffered a hard hit to the the head. This tells the coach that the player may need special attention.

More than 15 percent of football players who sustain a concussion severe enough to cause loss of consciousness return to play the same day, according to a report earlier this year by the Youth Sports Safety Alliance.
Peace of mind for parents comes with a steep price, though: The Impact Indicator will sell for about $150.

"Kids are getting bigger, faster, and stronger, and specializing at younger ages, so it's much more likely that a child through their young career might take an injury," Chris Circo, the founder of Battle Sports Science tells WOWT-TV Omaha.

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We have the goal cam, the field cam, and the helmet cam. But the best may be still to come: the ball camera.

An initial prototype of the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera has been developed by Jonas Pfeil, Kristian Hildebrand, Carsten Gremzow, Bernd Bickel and Marc Alexa. Consisting of 36 mobile phone cameras and a layer of advanced protective foam, a simple toss in the air gives breathtaking perspective to a ball's flight.

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It's not hard to see potential in the sporting arena. What if this sort of camera was mounted inside the balls we use on the field in professional sports?

Can you imagine seeing Santonio Holmes' Super Bowl-winning catch against the Cardinals captured from the perspective of the ball, surrounded by a packed stadium and flying past some of the best athletes in the world? Or perhaps the moment just after Lionel Messi fires at goal, but just before the keeper extends to stop the shot?

"It would certainly be intriguing to try that," Pfeil told by email Thursday. "We only have a single prototype which we would rather not take into a basketball game. We did, however, take great care to build the prototype as durable as possible."

Of course it would take immense upgrades and immensely light cameras for such a concept to work in a regulation football or soccer ball, but you have to imagine an in-game version of the ball cam is coming. And after seeing this video, we can't wait.

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Finding someone to go out with is easy these days: just pick a dating site and enter some lies -- er, information. But what about finding someone to go one-on-one with? Or someone to train for a marathon with? Now that's a challenge. It's not like you can hit up for a local runner with an eight-minute mile and a sweet jumper.

Fear not, though. A new batch of location-based social sports apps are a fun alternative to the lonely elliptical or stairclimber. They are also a great way to connect pent-up 9-5'ers who are looking for an after-work outlet (or healthy alternative to Happy Hour).

So with a hat-tip to trendcentral, here are the best ways to find a game or a training partner in the time it take to lace up your kicks:

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NextGame: This mobile app truly is Foursquare's sportier cousin. You start the app. It finds your location. You choose the sport you're in the mood for. And NextGame automatically pulls up a list of the closest games. Easy. NextGame can also sync with Facebook and Twitter so that users can promote existing games, tap their social networks for new players, recruit newbies or simply brag about their physical prowess (or lack thereof).

Sportaneous: This website and free iPhone app solves a common after-work problem: How do you connect people with a few free hours on a Tuesday evening who have nothing in common but a desire to play? Sportaneous allows fitness-ready folks to find and recommend activities in their neighborhood. The app collects information about public recreation areas, and provides real-time information about what's happening nearby. Activities range from baseball and basketball to ultimate frisbee and yoga. Sportaneous has even been used to arrange a large-scale game of Quidditch, the sport played at Harry Potter's wizard school.

Move Your App!: Food Revolutions' Jamie Oliver's (better known -- at least to me -- as The Naked Chef) 2010 TED Prize wish was for people to get behind a movement to fight obesity. So the Move Your App! competition was launched, challenging developers to create an app that would "inspire and track physical movement." The grand prize-winner was Pickup Sports, an app which helps users find people in their area that they can meet up with and get active. Pickup Sports is currently being folded into Spotvite, a larger beta app that takes the whole idea of spontaneous events one step further by going beyond sports and into fun things in general.

So loneliness is no longer an excuse. Cool tech may not be able to motivate you, but it can find someone who will. And who knows? Maybe your new spotter has a single sister.

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