The NFL began testing instant replay in 1976 when director of officiating Art McNally timed how long instant replay would delay a game. In the almost 40 years since, the concept has made the NFL a more accurately officiated league, for the most part (do not ask the 2012 Packers or Dez Bryant).

CBS Sports is taking another step this season with a unique camera angle.

The network announced it will introduce the "Pylon Cam." Those cameras have two angles, one going toward the goal line and one at the sideline. The cameras are "high-solution, high-definition, point-of-view cameras" built into the boundaries.

Here's the goal-line view:

And the sideline:

The Pylon Cam was tested during an Aug. 28 preseason game between the Jaguars and Lions. CBS Sports says it will use the technology for select games including Thursday Night Football this season. If all goes well, CBS Sports says there is the "possibility of using it during the playoffs and Super Bowl 50."

For instant replay, a successful pylon cam could be beneficial for reviewing goal line plays. The low camera can zoom in through obstructed views. It also would have made for a great shot at Malcolm Butler's Super Bowl XLIX-clinching catch.

Here is another camera's angle of the Pylon Cam:

Pylon Cam

CBS Sports will broadcast seven games this Sunday, which could see the Pylon Cam's regular season debut. CBS' first Thursday Night Football broadcast will be on Sept. 17 when the Chiefs host the Broncos. The season-opening Thursday game between the Steelers and Patriots will be broadcast on NBC.

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