How specific is NBA 2K16 going to be? Stephen Curry is happy to give us a preview.

On Friday, the reigning MVP and one of three NBA 2K16 cover boys, posted the first video gameplay clip of the new game on his Instagram page:

Forget the accurate depictions of Curry's facial structure, hairstyle and wrist tattoos. The video game series has nailed those for a long time.

Now it locks in on his accessories and demeanor. Curry walks up to the free throw line and goes through his normal routine, including his mouth-guard chew. He does all that while wearing his Stephen Curry One Under Armour sneakers.

The video comes two days after 2K Sports released two screenshots of Curry and Anthony Davis. James Harden is the third cover athlete. Michael Jordan will also be on the cover of the special edition version.

Not every player will get the same level of detailed treatment as Curry.

Here's an earlier video previously of Curry giving his authentic moves to 2K Sports:

2K Sports also released a trailer for its new "Pro-Am" feature last week:

NBA 2K16 is expected to be released Sept. 29.

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