The St. Louis Cardinals have the best record in baseball right now -- and now they have the sleekest locker room, to boot.

The team has installed new retina scanners that now eliminate the need for keys, badges or other measures to secure entry into the clubhouse.

The Busch Stadium tunnels look like a spy movie-meets Batcave-meets a baseball team.

The Cardinals recently announced they are adding an iris-biometric system, which includes recognition of the retina.

The Cardinals are the first team to install the system. With the franchise rolling in 2015, it is hard to argue with anything the team does, even such an outside-the-box security system.

Of course, the Cardinals have already demonstrated their tech-savvy earlier in the season, when they were outed as having hacked into the Houston Astros' computer system to steal data -- possibly on several different occasions.

A penalty for that action is pending. For now, the Cards are sticking to more honest means of building a team and venue of the future.

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