If you've attended an NFL football game in the past few years -- or ever -- you've probably noticed something: there's not nearly enough lightning shooting out of the stadium after touchdowns.

At long last, the San Diego Chargers hear you. And they're determined to right this wrong.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers have overhauled their plans for a proposed stadium in the Los Angeles area. Part of that overhaul is a large tower feature that both the Chargers and Raiders can customize in their own way depending on who is playing at home.

For the Chargers, that means a giant in-stadium lightning display whenever they score a touchdown.

The Raiders, meanwhile, will use the tower to burn a flame that pays tribute to the team's late owner.

Compared to other NFL venues, this L.A. stadium definitely aims to be in the running for craziest/most electric home environment. And yes, that pun is both literal and figurative. Lay your fears of electrocution to rest: The lightning created won't exactly have the wattage and murderous potential as your standard lightning from the sky, and it will be enclosed behind glass to further protect fans.

Some fans may roll their eyes at the excessive production. But to take an optimistic view: People probably balked when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wanted a pirate ship-styled stadium that fired a cannon after touchdowns, and that's gone fine. The only thing Bucs fans have to fret over is the fact that Tampa Bay was the worst team in pro football last year.

As far as problems go, cannons and lightning pale in comparison.

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