To have success, you must visualize success. Even though success never materialized for the Seahawks on their goal-line scoring attempt at the end of Super Bowl XLIX, many of their fans have the vision of what might have been seared into their memories.

Just in case, though, Madden has done the hard work of creating an alternate universe in which -- that's right -- Seattle runs the ball from the half-yard line.

Perhaps more painful to fans is that, at least in the Madden world, the run play works beautifully. Marshawn Lynch walks into the end zone, and not long after, the confetti falls.

Adding insult to injury, the clip goes on to display a virtual rain of confetti as Seattle celebrates its second-straight championship. Sad Tom Brady makes a cameo, too.

Sure, it's just a video game simulation. But it's worth noting that Madden's famous Super Bowl simulation prior to the big game predicted a 28-24 New England victory, and that was smack on the money.

The moral of the story: When you're six inches from the end zone, you run.

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