When many dedicated football fans watch games on TV, they also have a second screen working, usually a mobile device to chart their fantasy status. Well, there's no real fantasy component in the Super Bowl, but there is a compelling reason to continue the second-screen experience.

numberFire, a site specializing in crunching sports data, will have a special Super Bowl feature called numberFire Live that is designed function like Moneyball in real time.

Here are the three key areas numberFire will be updating continuously as the Seahawks and Patriots face off in Arizona:

  • Win Probability: What percent chance does each team have to win the game after each play?
  • Drive Outcome: Will this drive end with a touchdown? A field goal? A turnover? Odds are recalcuated after each play.
  • Man of the Match: Which player has had the greatest impact on his team? Will this be the same player who is actually voted MVP?

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