One of Bruce Lee's most famous quotes is "Be water, my friend." Now with a new mobile video game, you can be Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee: Enter The Game is scheduled for release during the Thanksgiving weekend as Nov. 27 is Lee's birthday. He would have turned 74 this year. Available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, the app allows users to "fight for justice as the greatest martial artist of all time."

Users can advance to more difficult levels by defeating opponents. Advancement will also include the ability to add features such as wearing Lee's famous yellow jumpsuit and fighting with nunchakus. Here's a preview and introduction from Bruce's daughter, Shannon, CEO and owner of Bruce Lee Interactive, LLC:

"We have wanted to develop our own Bruce Lee game for a long time," Shannon said. "There have been other games that have been released over the years but none that we have been so intimately involved with from beginning to the end."

The mobile game is Bruce Lee Enterprises' latest foray in the tech-entertainment sector. Considered by many to be the pioneer of MMA, Lee was included as a character in the latest UFC video game from EA Sports, which was released in June.

Lee died in 1973, but his persona and philosophy still have relevance and impact. In addition to these gaming platforms, corporations have used clips from his movies as the basis of their commercials.

The developer for the mobile game is Hibernum, which has done projects with Amazon, Lego, Disney and Cartoon Network, among others. Enter The Game is from its Digitally Reborn label.

"We are super excited to have worked with our partner Hibernum to create a game that we that we love, that we think captures the spirit of Bruce Lee and that is extremely fun to play," Shannon said.

Update: The game recorded more than 2 million downloads in its first week of availability.

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