Technology has created an advantageous ticket market for consumers looking to buy sports tickets. Now, those tickets can be bought at the last second -- even if you aren't near a printer.

Credit that opportunity to Gametime, a mobile app that lets fans purchase tickets on a whim.

The San Francisco-based company has an app, available on both iOS and Android, that makes all tickets available to be digitally scanned off the buyer's phone.

The app also features real-time updates accessible through a "pull-to-refresh" feature. This lets buyers keep updating to see whether tickets are still available -- or whether new options have been posted for sale.

So far, the app works for tickets at 60 participating venues.

Tickets are available for the big four sports, as well as major league soccer and NCAA events.

In 2014, ticket sales on the app have accelerated quickly. Since January, sales have increased by 600 percent, according to a report in VentureBeat.

As more venues start participating with Gametime's program, those numbers are projected to increase.

The app also features low percentage cuts taken from the tickets, which means consumers pay less than they would through a fee-heavy secondary market seller.

The app's developers hope the new ticketing software takes less time for fans to use, allowing them to spend their free time in other ways -- and with the comfort of knowing that they're covered for the game.

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