Within the past few days, EA Sports, the titan of sports video games, has released its long anticipated trailers for several titles. You can now see the Madden 15, NHL 15, FIFA 15, UFC 15 and PGA Tour 15 gameplay videos, and each looks pretty remarkable. For the first time, some of these titles will be available on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms, which were released in November. Each sports title will also be available on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 titles.

Madden 15

The Madden 15 trailer features Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly stating that he failed before, but he won’t fail again. Individually, he probably won't. But the Panthers offense is one injury away from turning into an offense equivalent to a 4A Texas high school team.

The trailer itself looks pretty standard as far as Madden goes. Madden's gameplay has always been pretty solid with the times, but the rumor with Madden 15 is a revamped style of defensive play. This is much needed, as no one in the world can play solid defense on Madden. The idea is to give a better camera angle on the defensive side of the ball, as well as a tackling system that allows you to precisely choose where to hit the ball carrier.

The Madden Cover will feature the NFL's bad boy cornerback Richard Sherman. Sherman beat Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in the vote for the right to the Madden Cover Curse. Oh yeah, the Madden Curse. Is Sherman worried about that?

“I don’t believe in curses,” Sherman said. “I believe in God.”

Sherman, who was the lowest rated cornerback in Madden 12, will be the highest rated player in the game. Would Sherman seriously agree to be on the cover if he wasn’t?

NHL 15

The NHL 15 trailer puts an emphasis on the arenas, something that was greatly lacking in the earlier versions of the hockey game. The crowd also appears to be more realistic, instead of the standard two dimensional, delusional arm waving maniacs of the past.

The other obvious difference is the exuberant commentary of Doc Emrick and Eddie Olczyk. Their addition, possible through the new NBC Sports/EA Sports partnership, will allow gamers to truly feel like they are playing a Sunday matinee. EA also says that intro packages will have more features on the city and teams, giving it a truly life-like feel.

The trailer also hints at more unique goal celebrations. It appears that you can celebrate with teammates after a goal, instead of diving head first into the boards in celebrations of the past.

EA Sports also states that it has added 12 player collision physics to the game, including secondary collisions and player pileups. The puck physics have improved as well, which hopefully means the puck won't bounce around like a super ball when it is dumped and chased into the corner.

The cover vote will be announced during the NHL awards on June 24. EA Sports allowed fans to vote, which resulted in a massive twitter spam of fans’ favorite players. P.K. Subban and Patrice Bergeron were among the finalists.

NHL 15 will be available Sept.15


The FIFA 15 crew decided to go a little more artsy in its trailer. The soccer game is among EA Sports' most popular titles. Much like NHL 15, the emphasis seems to be put on the crowds. EA Sports has made an effort to give each teams crowd more individuality, including real-life celebrations that certain fan bases would have.

Other changes include wear and tear on the field and improvements to FIFA's tackling. The ball is also rumored to be more unpredictable for shots, meaning if a player is unbalanced when he fires one off, it could curve in a much more realistic direction.

One of the noticeable features within the trailer is player interaction with one another. EA Sports took into considerations personalities. If a player is more aggressive or has a temper, a confrontation is a possibility.

Other changes have been made to FIFA’s AI, allowing the computer to change it’s tactics more intelligently depending on the game situation.

FIFA 15 will be released September 23.

UFC 15

You can now kick other UFC fighters' asses with super fighter Bruce Lee.

That's obviously the main focal point within UFC 15. Of all the EA Sports games, this series could use the most improvement. It's not really all that realistic. You don't really feel like a fight is as intense as a real life fight. And it appears EA is making an effort to improve the quality of the game.

One of the main features that will improve the game is what EA is calling “Full Body Deformation.” That’s not as gross as it sounds. What it means is that if you take Bruce Lee, and punch Anthony Pettis in the jaw, his face will jiggle and shift, just like a real life punch. You will also be able to see the fighters get visibly more exhausted, as it takes a lot out of you to throw a physically fit fighter all around the octagon. Veins will pop and skin will become discolored.

The submissions will be greatly improved, and there is an improvement on the injuries a fighter can obtain during a fight. There is a wide variety of cuts and bruises that can appear to wear your fighter down. Dynamic striking has improved, allowing players to throw crazy moves to knock out their opponent. But, be careful, as EA also made the AI smarter. The computer will know exactly when to tone it back and pour it on.

UFC 15 will be released June 17.

PGA Tour 15

Not much information is available for the PGA Tour 15 game. Except for the fact that battleships in a war-torn country can randomly slam into your course.

EA and Tiger Woods parted ways, allowing the company to apparently run wild with its imagination. The title will have fantasy courses, which are apparently pretty crazy. You can also see in the trailer that realistic deer and alligators appear on the courses. Considering how bad my golfing game is, I can envision my ball getting eaten by an alligator numerous times throughout this game.

PGA Tour 15 will also be the first game to feature the Frostbite 3 engine. This will allow players to run straight through the course without the game loading between holes. The engine will also allow for more realistic courses and gameplay.

PGA Tour 15 will be released in spring 2015.