We've seen technology that brings sports fans the perspective of the referees, the ball and soon, the players themselves.

The Arena Football League (AFL) on Tuesday announced a partnership with Sports Video Innovations (SVI) to implement Schutt Vision, a new type of camera that is positioned on helmets and will allow fans to see first-hand what players are experiencing.

From the AFL's press release:

"SVI is the first company to successfully integrate a high-definition video camera into the football helmet itself, fully impact resistant and capable of withstanding football’s grueling conditions. This makes point-of-view video available for the first time to teams from all levels of the game, from high school to the pros."

Here's a preview of what the cameras may look like:

This could be a game-changer for broadcast as well as coaching purposes. Imagine seeing some of the most iconic NFL moments -- Dwight Clark's catch, the Music City Miracle and more -- from the perspective of the players themselves.

Moreover, as educators and coaches attempt to adjust tackling practices to make football safer, helmet cameras could be extremely helpful in teaching young players the correct methods.

(H/T to Extra Mustard)