Most animals have pleasureless intercourse solely to reproduce. Somewhere in the course of human evolution, sex started to feel good, really good, which caused men to “do stuff” to impress women. You know, harness fire, invent the wheel, etc.

That's not the full story in man's ascent to the top of the animal kingdom, but sex is an important part in our evolution and should be a part of our daily, not bi-monthly, lives.

The problem, of course, is that we're busy. We work all day, we get home, and we're exhausted. Our routines become sex-less and we think that’s normal, when in fact, it’s unnatural.

So for all the couples who need a kick in the booty to get active in the sack, Danny Wax and Tyler Elick have created Spreadsheets, a data-driven app that will track your sexual performance in detail by putting what you do between the sheets into quantifiable statistics.

"We're basically targeting anyone who has a partner, a sense of humor, the desire to improve and enjoys sex,” Elick says.

The privately funded app seeks to breakdown the taboo barrier of intercourse in our society and use our phones, this generation's most significant hindrance to lovemaking (think of all the time couples spend in bed checking texts, emails, Instagram photos, Snapchats, CNN, this article, and not having sex) to act as a catalyst for getting freaky.

"What Nike+ has done for running, Spreadsheets will do for sex," Wax says. "We hope the technology (which utilizes the phone's accelerometer for movement and microphone for audio levels), will reinvigorate couples’ stagnant sex lives and rekindle relationships."

Spreadsheets provides a savvy user interface that displays your duration, thrusts, and decibel levels in a smooth, visual and easy-to-read format. Just open the app, make sure your settings are good to go, select your mattress type, and then it’s off to the races -- and when you feel like boasting, there's a Facebook, Twitter, and email share feature. Just be sure to get approval from your significant other before posting ...

In creating the app, Elick and Wax interviewed hundreds of couples, many of whom -- and this is nothing new for any generation -- were content sexually but wanted to add a little spice and fun back into their bedrooms. The entire Spreadsheets app embraces a witty, light-hearted tone (as you'll see from this video) but the founders are serious about what Elick referred to as "de-mystifying" sex.

Instead of aiming at the segment of the population who engages in the most sexual activity, i.e. college students, Elick and Wax aspired to make the app classy and professional, rather than "fratty." They are targeting couples, many of whom come home every night exhausted from staring at spreadsheets of the Excel variety, and need a little nudge to do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

Spreadsheets launches August 1 and will sell for the introductory price of $1.99 in the iTunes App Store. (It will be $2.99 after August.) In the meantime, be sure to practice -- big data and sex are finally in bed together.

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