The University of Oregon spent $68 million to upgrade to a 145,000-square-foot "performance center" for football players and the team's staff, which debuted today on the school's official website.

The facility uses a "Jenga" design, according to the university, to house a two-story weight room, hydrotherapy pool and even a barber shop.

"If I'm a kid being recruited and I come in and see this, I want to be part of this," Oregon running backs coach Gary Campbell told "I think it's just going to be an awesome recruiting tool. I know it would be to me."

A few samples (you can look at all the photos at of the program at the not-for-profit university.

The hydrotherapy pool

The locker room walls

The barber shop

In an interview with the school's official site, Campbell spoke of when he began in 1983 and the football coaches were based out of McArthur Court, the Ducks' former basketball gym.

His workspace, he said, was not quite as large as it is now.

"If we pushed our chairs back from under our desk," Campbell recalled, "we'd bump into the guy behind us."

How times have changed.

Your move, Alabama.