For those who dreamed of swimming in the East River of New York City (for those of you who don't live in the Big Apple, it's the big waterway boarding the East side of Manhattan among other places), a group raising money on Kickstarter may have a plan for you.

+ Pool is raising money through a campaign that ends on Friday to build a pool that would be filtered on the river. "Like a giant strainer dropped into the river, + POOL makes it possible for everybody to swim in clean river water right here in NYC," the fundraiser promises.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, the civic project would have an advanced filtration system that removes bacteria and harmful chemicals (of which there are a lot in the East River) and enable people to swim safely in the river.

"+ POOL is designed for all types of swimmers, bathers and hanger-outers, which is why it's designed as four pools in one: a Kids' pool, Sports pool, Lap pool and Lounge pool. Each can be used independently, combined to form an Olympic-length pool or opened completely into a 9,000 square foot pool for play," the group promises. "Its simple and iconic shape will mark the return to clean rivers in New York City."

Though there's no real way to tell if this will work, it has exceeded its fundraising efforts. The first step, the group says will be to test the filtration system on a smaller scale. Watch the pitch below: