Imagine if football fans got to call the plays for the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. Or baseball fans got to decide which pitcher their team used in the World Series. Or if golf fans could decide the hole placement on a crucial hole at a major tournament.

Well, golfers, it's your lucky day.

The PGA of America announced this week an interactive contest in which fans can select the placement of the hole on No. 15 for the final day of the upcoming PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, N.Y. Organizers have narrowed the decision down to four choices, and fans will take it from here. People can vote on their favorite pin location until Aug. 10.

The idea of the contest is not only to get fans involved and excited for the tournament, but to give them some idea of what goes into selecting the spot for a hole and how strategy changes depending on where the pin is located.

"The chance for golf fans to interact with the PGA Championship and play a role in shaping the outcome of the final round fascinates me,” said five-time PGA Champion Jack Nicklaus, who is working with PGA on the initiatve. "It's like being able to call the shots during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. ... I believe this new concept will serve as an exciting hands-on learning experience for golf fans, and I'm happy to be involved."

The 15th hole at Oak Hill is the final par-3, spanning 181 yards with bunkers to the left and water to the right. The voting contest will not affect pin placement on the first three days of the tournament.

For more information about the contest, and to vote on a pin location, see here.