Maybe it's just an easy ploy to up ratings, but the WNBA introduced a fascinating new perspective for fans watching the Indiana-Phoenix game this weekend: The ref cam. Game official Lamont Simpson captured an inside view of the game for fans from a Google Glass-like device.

"I think it's hilarious when I'm not on it," Los Angeles Sparks star Candace Parker told the Associated Press before her game Saturday night. "I think that's a very interesting addition to the cameras."

Simpson said it took a half for it to get used to wearing the device. Broadcast Sports Inc., the company that made the device, said it is in talks to get it into other sports as well.

"We were working on onboard cameras for NASCAR and also with the X-Games and married the two of them together to come up with the perfect size for referees," Peter Larsson, the general manager for Broadcast Sports, told the AP.

Perhaps the most amusing moment with the ref cam came when it showed Mercury's Candice Dupree getting a technical foul for ... yelling at the Simpson.

Watch a bit of Simpson's perspective in the video below.

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