With his spare time post-camp, Robert Griffin III is apparently making the rounds at trade shows and is a popular draw.

According to a report in USA Today an underwater HydroWorx treadmill and pool plugged by the Redskins quarterback stole the show at the the National Athletic Trainers' Association 64th Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposium. The system, which uses an underwater treadmill, cameras and massage jets, was reportedly used in RGIII's recovery after his injury last season as well as one he suffered at Baylor.

Griffin III, according to the report, attracted the most attention at the symposium with his appearance to plug the treadmill he claims helped save his knee.

"I believe in this product, and that's why I'm here today," he told the hundreds of conference goers who gathered to hear him talk.

He also stopped and posed for pictures with dozens of fans who came by the company's booth.

The quarterback used the treadmill in Pensacola, Florida after his surgery and now uses the one at the home of a neighbor as he waits for the Redskins to get their own. He also uses a pool made by the company, which he claims has helped in his healing as well.

Price of the miracle machine? Between $33,000 to $270,000.

RGIII isn't the first athlete to plug the treadmill. Check out this commercial with Michael Johnson:

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