You may remember seeing a commercial recently in which a bunch of the Fiat 500s drive off land and into water. The idea is not that this car is some sort of car/boat hybrid, rather that it is an Italian immigrant that is coming to the shores of the United States.

It appears the cars have arrived.

Our friend Clarissa Lynn Empty spotted a group of the Fiats touring the bay near the Venetian Causeway in South Beach. The Fiats were each driven -- not towed -- by a group of models.

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It's unclear what the cars were doing in South Beach, but Clarissa tells us they were paraded around some of the luxurious islands off the coast. And with the persistent threat of floods in South Florida, it might not be a bad idea for people in Miami to look into such resilient cars.

"They definitely are amazing," said Clarissa, a brand ambassador at Privé Society, "everyone should own one in Miami as far as I'm concerned."