Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, sports fans have gained several new perspectives into the games they love. When players and coaches are mic'd up, for example, we're allowed a unique understanding of the action on the field.

The one angle we don't have is that of the referee, but even that might be changing soon.

Officials in a rugby league in Australia have been testing out a new earpiece camera that they can wear during matches. The HD video provides spectators as well as league officials a completely new perspective on the sport.

Lyndon Bray, the head of referees for the SANZAR rugby association, says the camera doesn't simply provide spectators a new viewpoint, it can also be used to evaluate referees.

"I'm really cautiously optimistic that this could be a great tool," Bray told Fox Sports. "Both for you guys with the fan – putting the game right into the living room, so to speak, which I think is really important for in today’s world with sport. But secondly for us, from an educational point of view and a coaching tool – I think it’s got great possibilities for us."

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It's not hard to imagine the usefulness of a tool like this in the United States. This would allow networks and spectators an entirely new view of penalties and fouls, plus the additional footage could help the league review questionable plays.