By Alex Glascock
The Active Times

It's time to upgrade your winter (this is the Digital Age, man!) with these smartphone apps that will get you in shape for the season, tell you where the snow is, navigate the slopes with you, bail you out of trouble and even help cure you of those late-season doldrums. About the only thing they won't do, as far as we can tell, is shovel your sidewalks (bummer, right?).

REI Snow Report

You’ll find 72-hour snowfall, base and peak snow depths, firsthand skier accounts, and learn how many lifts are turning at a host of resorts with this free download, which has gotten high marks for its clean, attractive interface and ease of use.
Get It: Free on Android and iPhone.

Winter Survival Kit

While it isn't likely you'll be stranded in a blizzard anytime soon (though you'll probably encounter your fair share of snowy road on the way to the mountain), you can still prepare for it by downloading the Winter Survival Kit. Just press the big red button and your phone turns into an emergency sidekick, determining your location and making it easy to contact emergency services. It will even help you figure how much longer your gas will last (if you're lucky enough to be stranded in a car), as well as offer tips on how to conserve it.
Get It: Free on Android and iPhone.

Ski And Snow Report

Redesigned for the 2012-13 ski season, this free app enables you to select favorite resorts via GPS and receive new-snow notifications when the flakes are flying.
Get It: Free Android and iPhone.


Thanks to WakeMeSki, the days of waking up at dawn for early-morning snow reports are over. All you have to do is program this handy little app with your favorite resorts, new snow threshold, and desired wake-up time before you go to sleep your phone will wake you if fresh snow fell overnight, and continue to keep you updated throughout the day with reports.
Get It: Free on Android.

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