Brooklyn just got a little more hip.

That's because now the borough's only professional sporting team has the coolest app in all of sports. It's call the Barclays Center app, and it can get you just about anything you would need at a basketball game. You can order popcorn from your seats, send photos and messages to the video board and even watch a livestream of the game.

That's right, you can watch a Nets game on your phone while you're at the game. It might sound silly, but it's actually genius.

Thanks to a feature called StadiumVision, fans won't be afraid to leave their seats at crucial moment to pick up food or go to the bathroom. Plus. if you want to see a replay of a play that just happened or get another camera angle, you can pull it up on your phone.

And David Pierce of The Verge writes that StadiumVision engineers have figured out how to have 19,000 people watching video without crashing the system:

"...[I]nstead of everyone having to crowd onto a single connection, the "multicast" connection splits the feed and delivers the same thing individually to everyone. That means my stream is the same whether I'm alone in the stadium or surrounded by 19,000 other Nets fans."

So the Nets have the coolest part-owner, the most advanced app and the most tech-savvy arena in all of basketball. They truly are Brooklyn's team.

(H/T to Sports Grid)