As cool as it might sound, a glass snowboard seems very impractical.

For one, glass is likely to break when a boarder is shredding down a hill. Moreover, riding a piece of glass on an icy surface seems like a recipe for disaster.

But under the premise that you never know for sure until you try something, Signal Snowboards founder Dave Lee traveled to Italy to oversee the creation of what may be the world's first glass snowboard.

The glass board was modeled on Signal's Park Board series, and it took five days to complete. The two pieces of glass were heated into shape, tempered, bonded together and even laminated with Signal's unique design.

Finally, Lee and Signal Italian team rider Giorgio Morell took the board for a ride in Italy's gorgeous Tuscany mountains. The board proved quick and unpredictable, but it looked like a lot of fun.

That is, until it broke.

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(H/T to Wired)