Have you ever been on Twitter during a big game when everyone except one person is tweeting about the matchup? Or all your friends, co-workers and family are tweeting about the game, but that one celebrity you follow just won't stop tweeting about Breaking Bad?

If you've ever been in that position, SportStream is here to help.

A San Francisco-based startup, SportStream offers fans a streamlined version of their social media timelines.

The program combs through Twitter and Facebook to bring fans an entirely new conversation. No more spam, only team news, fan reaction and other messages that people want to see. SportStream CEO Bob Morgan told Wired that 83 percent of fans check social media sites during games. But before SportStream it was hard to find a platform meant exclusively for the game.

SportStream has already partnered with the Seattle Seahawks, and you can check out Seattle's site here.

"Our partnership with SportStream provides Seahawks fans one location to view all team related news and information from respected sources," Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin told the team's website.

SportStream also offers fans a personalized virtual chatroom, a place where they can go during games to talk exclusively about that matchup. If the partnership with the Seahawks goes well, SportStream may work with the NCAA on creating a similar platform for college basketball fans.