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Man vs. Nature. It is one of the oldest literary conflicts.

A more modern interpretation may be football vs. the environment. To get even more specific, how about tailgating vs. recycling?

Bud Light, the official beer of the NFL, is settling the debate by combining the best of tailgating and recycling. In the weeks that led up to America Recycles Day last Thursday, Bud Light traveled to NFL stadiums across the country to advocate recycling.

The company brought a 21-foot goal post made of more than 125,000 recycled beer cans to each of its NFL stops. Fans could attempt to kick a ball through the uprights while receiving the message to recycle.

Actor, writer and comedian Damon Wayans Jr. from the hit TV show Happy Endings met the goal posts at its final stop in Los Angeles. "Make sure that you recycle," he said. "Don't have too much fun to where you forget it. Don't get too mad to where you throw something on the ground. If you get mad, throw it in something blue."

By the time ThePostGame caught up with Wayans, he had already kicked two field goals. Wayans Jr. did not consider himself the entertainment though. He got a kick out of others trying to make the field goal.

"I think it's really fun and it's cool to see people mess up, and cool to see people succeed," he said. "Really what it's doing is keeping people thinking about recycling on this day."

Wayans Jr. comes from a family line not known for sports, but rather comedy. His relatives include father Damon (My Wife and Kids), and uncles Keenan (director, Scary Movie), Shawn and Marlon (Scary Movie, White Chicks). Wayans Jr. was confident with his choice for the family's top athlete.

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When asked who in the Wayans family could kick a field goal, Wayans Jr. responded, "There's this guy, standing right in front of you."

Wayans Jr. was more than willing to critique his father and uncles' athletic abilities. When asked about the older generation of Wayans, he took a few more seconds to answer.

"My dad, maybe," he said after thinking. "Keenan could do it. He's like good at every sport. And then everybody else sucks. I'm not going to lie. They're all terrible at sports."

There may be a correlation between the comedic personalities of the Wayanes and their challenged athletic skills. Wayans Jr. cracks a laugh most of the time when his family attempts to participate in athletics.

"They're really funny, but they also do everything else funny. But like, against their will. They have terrible balance," he said.

Although football and tailgating may not be in Wayans Jr.'s blood, he is connected to recycling in another way: his name.

"My name is recycled. It's been used before," he said. His name Damon Kyle Wayans is the same full name as his father's full namename.

Wayans Jr. is in the middle of taping the third season of Happy Endings and plans to go on a comedy tour when taping ends in March. He is starring in the upcoming movie Someone Marry Barry alongside Tyler Labine and Lucy Punch.

Right now, Wayans Jr. is focused on recycling. "I'm going to recycle the heck out of the world right now," he says.