If it looks like a toilet, feels like a toilet and is made by a toilet company, what is it?

A soccer goalie, of course.

Two Japanese companies recently unveiled the "Super Great Toilet Keeper," or SGTK. This amazing machine sits in front of the goal and uses high-speed cameras to determine exactly where a ball is going. Then, it shoots a ball out that deflects the oncoming kick. The companies claim the SGTK can block oncoming kicks which are traveling as fast as 100 mph.

Unfortunately, the SGTK does not function as an actual toilet.

The creators of this toilet are two companies that share the same name: TOTO and toto. TOTO (all capital letters) is a toilet manufacturer while toto (all lowercase) is a sports lottery organization. The companies combined the best that each had to offer (high-class toilets and analytical technology) to create the SGTK.

The toilet will be on display at several soccer fields in Japan before being released for use as a rental. The SGTK commands about $7,500 as a rental fee.

(H/T to The Huffington Post)

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