We've all been there before. Standing at the cross walk, waiting for the light to change and bored out of our minds.

Two German students have just the cure to this sidewalk fatigue. Sandro Engel and Holger Michel of HAWK University in Germany have designed a simple game that can be played at your local crosswalk.

The fun starts when the light turns red. The user begins by logging on to a monitor which is attached to the traffic light. The system pairs the initial user with another player, for example someone who is on the other side of the street. Then, for the duration of the red light, the two users can engage in a game of pong. And during the game, the screen displays how much longer the players have until the light changes colors.

The video below is a simulation in which the players use a green screen to replicate what an actual game would look like. There's a lot to work out before this could ever be implemented, but it's a cool idea nevertheless.

Maybe this would keep New Yorkers on the sidewalk.

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